This is just a small sampling of what we have done and what we are capable of.

Past Projects:

Hair Benders - From branding to customized business cards for every employee, we have created an online site with a bit of flare (a unique Flash element) that serves as a 24/7 informational site. We have also created a custom Facebook application site and created their online presence on Google Plus and Yellowpages.com.

Enchanting Eyes - Note: The links in the menu are not working, as we are transfering them from their own URL to our portfolio. Please stay tuned as we update their site! A hybrid design with Flash elements. We created the branding (logo, etc.) as well as the entire site. It is a brochure type website (informational). The page after the splash (first) page has a Flash animation with a few surprises in the enchanted forest, from fluttering butterflies to fairies. The rest of the site is static to enable faster navigation. We also created custom graphics for enhancing lash photos, by creating custom lash stamps. We also created coupons and created their Facebook presence as well as ensuring they had an online presence on social media beyond Facebook - such as Google Plus and Yellowpages.com.

Family Law For You - This project was branding, graphics, web design, and office package (envelopes, letterhead, etc.). The website is for a law firm in California. Informational, but fun, this site is graphics intensive as to break up the monotony of the incredible wealth of information. Branding was done for the law firm, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, etc. were all created - including versions to be printed at the office. This is one of my favorite designs for a corporate type setting.

London5 - High end wedding photography with a bold, cutting edge website. Contains a Flash (hi-res, faster connections) website and an html (low-res/slower connections) version. Guests are able to choose which experience they'd like. Both feature a unique, state-of-the-art gallery for images. The html version is coming soon. All graphics, including logo, were created by NocturnalDaylight Designs.

Toner Photography - Note: The links in the menu are not working, as we are transfering them from their own URL to our portfolio. Please stay tuned as we update their site! Flash intro movie, Flash navigation, logo, drag and drop image gallery (easy use for end user) and all graphics created for this Las Vegas Photographer's site.


Custom Tomahawk - While we did not design this site, we did take the previously created site and recreate it exactly. The challenge here was to take a site that was unadaptable and not updateable and make it so that it was easily updated, changed, etc. We also did search engine optimization and integrated very detailed web trend reporting per this client's request.


Legends Shar Pei
Legends Shar Pei - A breeder's website for everything from buying puppies just for pets, to buying puppies bred from award winning dogs! Flash intro and a site intensive with pictures and a design entirely created by us.

Advocates of Ozaukee Thumb
Advocates of Ozaukee - UPDATE: New logo and color scheme applied to site. The original design was created around a green/blue logo (see thumbnail). This site has two versions, a hi-resolution Flash enabled site and a low-resolution site that does not require any special software. This was so that many types of viewers could experience the site while not detracting from the desired design.

Youth Website
Advocates of Ozaukee Youth Site - This is entirely different than the first site. However, it is the same organization that heads this project. This was a fun, fresh design using drop down menus and fun details.

WisPASS - Nationwide Manufacturing Initiative. This site is fairly simple in design, just a decent solid website. Often times, although NocturnalDaylight specializes in really creative websites, we are presented with a site that doesn't need a lot of 'pizzaz.' Rather, the site needs to be rehauled and given a new look. This site has been created to the WisPASS director's specifications. We do what the customer wants, and this is an example of that.

NLGI - National Lube and Grease Institute (click here to see the mockup, which is NOT scaled to size, rather enlarged to show detail) We created just the mockup for this company, they bought the design and had their own coders create their interpretation of the site.


Other Project Snapshots Coming Soon:

Custom Tomahawk - We've done the website rehaul, now we designed t-shirts with wit.

Z3 Graphics - We created a logo they've been looking for a long time - a metallic finish. Our creation was even put on the side of a van!

Legend's SharPei - Metallic element business cards.

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